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General Links

General links are to websites that cover ethnic relations and related topics such as human rights.

Links to MAR Groups

Group links are to websites of organizations which claim to represent the interests of ethnic groups. These sites include both in-country and expatriate organizations.

Note: Links listed on the Minorites at Risk (MAR) Project website in no way constitute an endorsement by the Project of those websites, their operators, or the views and opinions expressed therein.



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Research Related to MAR

Related research includes data projects that are compatible with the core MAR dataset. These research projects are conducted by researchers outside of immediate MAR project staff.

Operationalizing Huntington's Civilizations
Jonathan Fox

codebook | dataset

This dataset is designed to operationalize Samuel Huntington's concept of civilizations and to provide variables for religious identity, both for use with the Minorities at Risk (MAR) dataset. The codebook contains a description of the variables. The dataset is in SPSS format and the codebook is in MS Word.

Religion and Ethnic Conflict
Jonathan Fox

external website

The codebook and dataset are zipped files available for downloading, but not for viewing. The purpose of this dataset is to provide variables measuring the religious elements of ethnic conflict that can be used with the Minorities at Risk Phase III dataset. The unit of analysis is the ethnic minority. The variables described below are coded for the 105 cases in the MARIII dataset in which the ethnic minorities involved are religiously different from the majority group. For operational purposes, a minority is considered to be a separate religion if it is 80% different from the majority group. Protestant and Catholic Christianity are considered separate religions for the purposes of this study. However, Orthodox Christianity is not considered sufficiently different from either Protestantism or Catholicism for such conflicts to be included. The Sunni and Shi'i branches of Islam are considered separate religions for the purpose of this study. In addition, cases of civil war are also not included because the study for which this data was collected focuses on the relationship between minority groups and governments controlled by a majority group. Cases where these is no effective government, like Bosnia, are therefore not included. A list of the groups included in this study is provided at the end of this codebook. There are three types of religious variables coded: religious grievances, religious discrimination, and religious demands.


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